Friday, June 22, 2007


Today I managed to get out for a bit and walk. I haven't been getting as much exercise as I should, lately, but I'm trying to at least get back to walking regularly.

Anyway, I logged into The Presidential Challenge website to log my walk, and low and behold, I broke the 20,000 point threshold for the Bronze Award!

For those not familiar with the Presidential Challenge, you create a free account on the site and start logging all your different activity, whether it's walking, running, weight lifting, cardio machines, whatever. You also note the duration and activity level, and the calculator generates a point value for that activity session.

For example, my walk today lasted for 1 hour at a moderate pace, which gave me 220 points. There are three levels, Bronze for 20,000 points, Silver for 45,00 points and Gold for 80,000 points.

Of course, if you actually want a physical memento of you acheivement, you can purchase various tokens from t-shirts to certificates to medallions at the site. But even without purchasing anything, the Presidential Challenge is a great way to keep you motivated to continue whatever physical activity works for you.

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