Monday, June 25, 2007

Distracting a Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth tonight. I am normally not affected by one. In fact, this is the first one in a long time.

I had some strawberries after dinner. That helped a little. Then a little while ago I had a cup of Edy's No Sugar Added Fat Free Vanilla Flavored Chocolate Swirl served over a banana. Not quite a banana split, but it was in the same neighborhood. Now I'm craving some peanut butter.

So far I'm doing ok. I'm going to give it another half hour or so. If I'm still feeling like I want some peanut butter after that, then I just might have some. I'm well within my limits with my maintenance points and there's nothing to worry about as far as tomorrow night's weigh in.

Anyway, I thought maybe writing this out would distract me. I'll know if it worked a half hour from now...

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