Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picture Updates Coming Soon

I'll be posting some more pictures before the end of this weekend. I'll have a few more "before" pictures and the all important "after" shots, so stay tuned...


David Dane said...

Hello, a couple days ago I left you a comment. I told you what I lost in the comment.
I wrote good job, keep going. I don't see my comment.
You commented about my blog, thanks so much for looking. I did this weight loss thing by myself with no advice from anyone. I figured it out for myself. No WW, or anything else. I read a lot of books over the years though. It came to me on Thanks giving day as I sat there watching TV feeling like a stuffed Turkey. I started eating nothing but Lean Cuisines, and gradually increased from there. GEE, I don't know what you don't agree with me about. WE both came to the same conclusion. EAT LESS FOOD. David Dane

Skinny Guy said...

Hey David, thanks for stopping by and for the plug for my blog over on yours.

First, just to clarify my position on comments. I don't delete comments unless they are spam, obscene, or similarly out of line. I will never delete someone's opinion. I don't know what happened, but I never saw your comment or even a notification that it was posted.

As far as disagreeing with you, it's just on a minor point or two. I guess the main one is that I haven't gone through the constant hunger that you mention occasionally. Sure, I've had individual days where I've felt hungry, mostly towards the beginning, but I've been constantly amazed how content I feel after eating the smaller portions that I've gotten used to eating.

If I come across any others while reading your blog, I'll post a comment and let you know, ok?

Again, thanks, and congratulations on the success you've achieved so far!

David Dane said...

Hmmm, you have been at this longer at this total food reduction thing than I have skinny guy.(One year as opposed to my seven months) I suspect that you have physically adjusted to those small portions. Perhaps a reduction in the size of the stomach. I too have been feeling a reduction of the nagging hunger. (Initially the hunger was awful.) It has been a long time in coming. We are obviously different in that respect. I gotta say though 130 pounds that you lost just blows me away. Wow... I am now working at my last 35 pounds. I too hope to reach that 160 pound mark. I have been picking through your posts reading the different things you have to say. We have very similar experiences. I can't help but think others who read both of our blogs will get encouraged. Thanks David

Skinny Guy said...

David, I know that my stomach and even my mind have adjusted to the smaller portions, but I think what really triggered it is not just the reduction in calories, but also the quality of calories I take in. I try to make sure I get at least five fruits and vegetables in every day (usually more), at least 8 glasses of water, 2 teaspoons of healthy oil (olive oil, canola oil, etc.), whole grains whenever possible, 2 servings of dairy, plenty of protein, and I do my best to limit added sugar and alcohol.

I think another factor that helped to minimize the hunger was that the Weight Watchers plan gradually reduced the number of calories I was allotted as I lost weight. I didn't go from my previous "super-sized" daily calorie intake to a strict 1500 calorie diet. Instead, after every so many pounds that I lost, my calorie allotment got smaller, which gave me and my body time to adjust.

I do agree with you that one of the most import things a person trying to lose weight can do is journal their food. I have a stack of journals over here that allow me to look up just about anything I ate between April 25, 2006 and today.

And I do hope that anyone who stops by and reads our blogs does get inspired and decides to do something about their weight. But to be totally honest, I'm mainly writing this blog to keep myself accountable and to not let the weight that I've lost find me again.

Skinny Guy said...

David, I can't tell you how disappointed I am that you resorted to personal attacks on your blog when you called my comments about my hunger "bull crap" and "garbage." One of the reasons I've been so successful with my weight loss is that I had to be brutally honest with myself about the whole process. I certainly don't know what I would gain by lying to you or anyone else who may read my blog. Regardless of that, one of the reasons I started my blog was to help keep me accountable in my efforts to keep the weight off. It is up to each individual reader to determine what, if anything, they get from it.

There are many more reasons for overeating than just hunger. There is eating from boredom, eating out of habit, emotional eating, and overeating due to extreme hunger to name a few. And cravings can and do exist without hunger.

If you seriously want better control over your hunger, I suggest doing a search on "energy density" and "volumetrics." There are plenty of scientific studies that support these concepts. It is just a suggestion on my part. Feel free to ignore it if you wish.

In any case, I wish you continued success in your weight loss efforts. Good luck.