Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Photo Shoot: You Look Terrible!

The setup: Science Fiction author John Scalzi maintains several blogs, including The Whatever and By The Way. Over at By The Way, he gives homework - projects for his readers to complete and then post the result on their own blogs.

The pitch: Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show off a truly bad picture of yourself. One that's so bad it's not actually embarrassing, just, you know, inexplicably unrepresentative. If you would like, post a contrasting good picture, so people know what you really look like.

I decided to participate for several reasons. First, I finally have a blog. Second, this picture can also serve as one of my before photos. Third, it was conveniently handy as my darling wife happened to pull it out of our black hole of photos a few weeks back.

Please note: Not only is this a bad picture of me, it's a picture of me at a time when I really looked bad. You may need to avert your eyes:

Gruesome, isn't it? ::shudder::

I will post more recent pictures of me next week for comparison purposes.

1 comment:

Dalim said...

Not as bad as some I have seen!

Congrates on the blog getting! Go you blogger!