Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Blessing And A Curse

I love my family. I just can't eat with them. Rather, they can't eat with me. I'll eat almost anything. In fact, they have a game they play where they try to list 10 things that I won't eat, or at least try. They haven't finished that list yet. It's part of the reason I got so big to begin with.

On the other hand, my wonderful wife has a nice, long list. Tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, pork, and mustard are just a very few things on her list. My daughter's list is even more extensive, and even some of the foods she likes, she won't eat if they've been reheated the next day.

I'm holding out hope for my son. He can hang with me with most things, including the spicy stuff. He still won't go anywhere near mushrooms, though.

As you can imagine, it's made for some interesting mealtimes, especially since I started my weight loss journey. Between everyone's different tastes, my change in eating habits, and the fact that our teenagers actually think that they have lives of their own, I'm finding that not only do we not always eat together, but that for many meals I need to fend for myself.

So much for family time at the dinner table.

But at the same time, it has given me the chance to get creative in the kitchen again. I've always shared cooking duties with my wife, although she would insist that it wasn't always an equitable split. But instead of cooking for my family's limited tastes, I could now cook for me, and start expanding my food universe.

I've been making dishes with different whole grains and beans, different meats, a wider variety of vegetables and lots of spices that the rest of the family would rather forget exist. I'm trying different combinations of flavors and choosing as many fresh ingredients as I can.

I've always been the mad scientist of the kitchen, throwing things together in different combinations to see what I come up with, but that part of me had been pushed into a little corner a while ago. It really feels good to let him loose again. Because if I can eat healthy and have fun doing it, there's a good chance that I'll be able to keep this weight off for a long, long time.

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