Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Weigh In: Week 63

Last Week: 161.0 lbs.
This Week: 161.6 lbs.
Change: Up 0.6 lbs.

Starting Weight: 292.0 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 130.4 lbs.
Starting BMI: 43.2 (Morbidly Obese)
Current BMI: 23.9 (Normal)

Started WW: 25 April 2006
Reached Goal: 15 May 2007
Started Core: 13 June 2007
Reached Lifetime: 26 June 2007

Even though I'm now a Weight Watcher's lifetime member and only required to weigh in once a month, I've decided to continue attending meetings every week for the time being. In the future I may change my mind, but in the short term I think it will help me stay focused.

This week was my first gain since I hit my goal weight back in May. One thing that I noticed about my weigh in routine lately is that I don't worry about it being consistent down to the last detail. It helps that I'm over 7 pounds below my goal weight, which gives me a little room to work with.

Before, I would stop eating and drinking water after lunch and not resume again until after my meeting that evening. I would wear the same types of clothes to the meeting and empty my pockets of my wallet, keys, watch, and any extra change before I stepped on the scale. In other words, I used the tricks we all use to get the lowest possible reading on the scale.

Today I drank water all afternoon in work, had a quick PB&J sandwich when I got home because I was a little hungry, and didn't bother emptying my pockets before I jumped on the scale. It wasn't that I didn't care what the scale said, it's just that I knew that as long as I was in the same neighborhood, I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. It's called maintaining! And next week I plan on being in the same neighborhood.

Besides, if I had to stress about my weigh in routine for the rest of my life, I think those happy young men in their clean white coats would be coming to take me away sooner rather than later, ha ha!

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