Thursday, August 2, 2007

Does Food Matter To You?

I came across a question online today that got me thinking.

The question was, "Have you given up any foods that actually matter to you?"

I had a hard time coming up with an answer to that question. There are many different foods that I don't eat any more. There are some foods that I will occasionally taste. Sometimes I'll even have cravings for some of the old foods.

But have I given up any foods that actually matter to me?

I don't think that I have. Because if I gave up something that mattered to me, it seems to me that I would miss it, probably a lot. But I don't feel that way about food, even some of my old favorites.

I know food used to matter to me a great deal. I'm the guy that would have fought you over the last donut in the box. There wasn't a week that went by where I didn't have an entire parade of greasy, fatty meals with plenty of room for seconds.

When I committed myself to losing weight, all that changed. Not right away, of course. But over time I realized that being healthy mattered more to me than being obese. That I would rather buy smaller clothes, take less medicine, or do a lot of things that I was unable to do because of my weight, than have that last donut, or even the first donut.

Now, just like before, I eat whatever I want. What matters now is that what I want is a little different than it was before.


Kathy said...

I'm quoting you today in my blog...loved that last line!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog in your signature on the GOAD board on -- congratulations on your weight loss! It's inspiring for those of us who are just starting out.