Monday, August 20, 2007

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good:
Yesterday we had a family trip to Hershey Park in Hershey, PA. While the cooler temperatures were a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of early August, the gray sky and light rain threatened to ruin the day.

The thrill seekers of the family consist of myself and our two teenagers, one a college sophomore and the other a high school senior, while my wife prefers the calmer amusements and the different shows that the parks offer. So with their mother's blessing, the kids and I took off to get some roller coasters in before the increasing dampness threatened to shorten our day.

Let me note here that she deserves Wife and Mother of the Year Awards, as she is facing rotator cuff surgery at the end of the month and was in pain the entire day. But she did her best to have a good day while letting us enjoy our rides.

We checked out a few of the shows in the theater to get out of the increasingly damp weather, and at the end of the day did the obligatory Chocolate World Tour. Let me explain here that while I enjoy an occasional chocolate treat, I am by no means a chocoholic. My dear wife on the other hand, thinks that chocolate is proof that God loves us! So yes, we did stop in the shops at Chocolate World and pick up some goodies.

The best part of the day was noticing how easily I fit into the coasters, sometimes with at least a full fist fitting in between my gut and the restraint bar. Quite a change from a few years ago when I was asked to move into the "fat" seats of the coasters!

The Bad:
The weather continued to deteriorate as the day went on. We were prepared to get wet in the park's new "Boardwalk" section, but the cool temperatures couple with the rain soured us on that idea.

Riding the coasters was fine earlier in the day, but the rain felt like darts hitting your skin as the day went on. We really weren't dressed for the weather either, so we wound up having to hit the shops for some cheaply made, overpriced Hershey Park hoodies for relief.

As I noted earlier, my wife was a real trooper dealing with her pain, but the day would have been so much better for her if she hadn't had to deal with it.

The Ugly:
Whenever you go to a theme park, you expect that the amount money that you spend there is going to be obscene, so I really won't whine about it here other than what I already mentioned about the unexpected outlay of a hundred bucks for the three hoodies we had to purchase.

As far as food goes, I found out that popcorn is still one of my trigger foods. During one of the shows I bought a very large bag of regular popcorn (the only size they were selling) for my son and I. I probably ate four handfuls of that salty goodness for every one handful that my son did. And I didn't realize it until almost the whole bag was gone. The funny thing is that when I have the 94% fat free mini-bags of popcorn at home, they're usually enough for me. I guess it's something I still need to be vigilant about.

I also had two chicken tacos at lunch and a Subway sandwich with a side of baked potato chips for dinner. The killer was dessert, when I splurged on a Hershey's Special Dark king size chocolate bar. It weighed in at 390 calories and 22 grams of fat for a 2.6 ounce bar. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a chocoholic, but last night I decided to indulge myself. The good thing is that I took my time and enjoyed it. It actually took me over an hour to eat it.

So that's the wrap-up of our trip to Hershey Park. We're looking forward to going again next year, hopefully with nicer weather. We may even go up again around Christmastime when they decorate the park for the season.

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Kathy said...

I always finish popcorn no matter how big the bag...I'm convinced I could eat a barrel of it. When we go to a movie, I allow myself the popcorn but I eat it one kernel at a time and chew it lasts longer that way. I know it is the salt...without the salt, it would be far less appealing.