Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thunder Over The Boardwalk

I took today off so that I could head down to Atlantic City for the Thunder Over The Boardwalk Air Show. I'm a big fan of air shows and had gotten away from seeing them for a few years, but today's show was my second this year.

Over Memorial Day weekend I got to see the Navy's Blue Angels in Millville, New Jersey, and today I was lucky enough to see the Air Force Thunderbirds perform over the beach in Atlantic City.

Of course, there was a full program of military and civilian aircraft demonstrations over the course of the 5+ hour show, but the Thunderbirds were the main attraction.

Not only did I take the day off from work, I also took the day off from watching what I ate. I sat in a reserved seating area for the show which included unlimited food and drink. Let's just say I indulged myself and leave it at that.

With all that I've learned while losing 130 pounds, I know that an occasional day off won't undo all the hard work it took to get me here. I know that when I wake up in the morning I'll be back in the saddle, enjoying my oatmeal and cinnamon with skim milk and a piece of fruit. I know that I have the tools and the support in place so that I won't spiral out of control.

I also know that I had a hell of a lot of fun today! Thanks to everyone who busted their tails today so that I could have a great time at the air show, especially all the members of the military who put it on the line every day so that we have the freedom to enjoy these shows.

And a special Happy 60th Anniversary to the United States Air Force!


Kathy said...

That confidence is as liberating as the weight loss. Sounds like a great day.

Jake Silver said...

YAY for the Air Force. There is an F-22 Raptor demo team that flies out of Langley AFB. Their main pilot, Maj Moga, was one of our pilots here at Tyndall. Hmmm... then again, they all are since that is our mission here, to train new F22 and F15 pilots.