Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weigh In: Week 68

Last Week: 160.6 lbs.
This Week: 160.0 lbs.
Change: Down 0.6 lbs.

Starting Weight: 292.0 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 132.0 lbs.
Starting BMI: 43.2 (Morbidly Obese)
Current BMI: 23.7 (Normal)

Started WW: 25 April 2006
Reached Goal: 15 May 2007
Started Core: 13 June 2007
Reached Lifetime: 26 June 2007

This week flew by, and I hadn't even realized that I hadn't posted all week until now. Aside from the hectic pace, there wasn't too much going on out of the norm. That will be this week, since I'll be hitting an air show in Atlantic City on Wednesday and Hershey Park on Sunday, in addition to fitting in some overtime for work when I can.

On the weight front, I had another loss this week, which means I need to focus on adding some more "full fat" options back into my meals and maybe some occasional treats that I've been avoiding since I began Weight Watchers last year. It shouldn't be too difficult considering where I'll be this week.

I'm also going to have to try to update this blog a little more often. I enjoy it, I just need to remember to carve out some time to do it. Until next time...


Kathy said...

You are doing so well. Oh...to be at the point where you are losing too much and have to add back some points! The air at Hershey Park probably contains enough chocolate to take care of that.

Skinny Guy said...

I feel odd mentioning it because I know how hard some people have to work for every ounce that they lose. On the other hand, I think I did enough damage over the last 24 hours that I won't have the same problem at my next weigh in...