Thursday, September 13, 2007

All You Can Eat For Philly Sports Fans

The Wachovia Center, current home of two of Philadelphia's pro sports teams, hockey's Flyers and basketball's 76ers, has just announced a new program for their fans. For an extra $20 per ticket, you can now buy an "all you can eat" ticket to home games. All you can eat seems to be a relative term, however.

Purchasers of these special tickets will be given wristbands to wear and can only get their free food from two special concession stands. These stands will only be serving a subset of the food available at other stands. Fans will have a choice of hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn and nacho chips and salsa, which is only a subset of the wider selection of foods available at most of the other stands and specialty restaurants there.

Anyone who attends sports events these days knows that this promotion has the potential to be an instant success. The prices for food at arenas these days will guarantee that. I know that in my formerly fat life I would definitely be motivated to buy these tickets and "get my money's worth" of food.

The first thing I noticed when I heard about this was the lack of healthier choices on this all you can eat menu. I realize that asking for healthy choices at a sports arena is like trying to find a Democrat in New Hampshire, but at the very least, how about some grilled chicken? Maybe a turkey burger?

Oh, there's nothing to worry about after all. The local sports talk radio station just mentioned that they use trans fat free oil at the concession stands. It looks like they're worried about our health after all...

Do any other sports arenas around the country offer anything like this? What's your take? Feel free to chime in!


Kathy said...

I always wondered why these venues couldn't have raw vegetables and a dip or cups of fresh fruit...but I guess the other stuff has preservatives and won't "spoil"...too bad.

TB--Milwaukee said...

I would have been all over that promotion before I don't think I'd be thinking it was worth it.

We have package deals around here with tickets, limited food and drink included. Never heard of the all-you-can-eat and a ballgame before.

skinnybitch said...

I don't know about the all-you-can-eat thing but what bugs me about sports arenas is that fans often aren't allowed to bring their own food.
My family went to watch the PawSox recently and I was annoyed to find that the only food options in the stadium were hot dogs, fries, burgers, ice get the picture. Not a carrot stick to be found. And we weren't allowed to bring our own packed lunches into the stadium with us. So we just ate in the car (I *did* let the kids get ice cream later as a treat).
It seems to me that if the stadium is going to hold everyone hostage food-wise, the least they could do is offer at least a few healthy options.

Skinny Guy said...

Depending on which venue you'll going to, you can usually bring something into the stadiums in Philly. Just no coolers or any kinds of bottles and such. But yeah, the selections aren't exactly the healthiest.