Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Obligatory Biggest Loser Post...

I'm not what you would call a fan of reality shows, but last year I watched The Biggest Loser, primarily because I was about five months into my own weight loss journey at the time. I could identify with a lot of the contestants, at least before the whining started. Despite the "dramatic" cuts to commercials, the staged surprises and every other reality show cliche that was thrown in for good measure, I was hooked. Biggest Loser became one of my guilty TV pleasures.

Fast forward to Tuesday's season premiere (if you don't count last week's "reunion" show.) of season four. Last year's gimmick was choosing contestants from a pool with representatives from each state. This season, they humiliated one third of the would be contestants by having two team captains choose sides in that old school yard ritual that almost every overweight kid has suffered through.

The six contestants not picked watched the newly chosen teams ride off into the sunset, thinking that they're going home. They start turning to leave, but wait! Jillian, the trainer from the first two seasons, pulls up on a motorcycle to save the day, telling the outcasts that they will form a third Black team to compete against the Red and Blue teams.

After that, the show pretty much followed its usual formula, with occasional cuts back to the Black team training in the desert with Drill Sergent Jillian.

I know it sounds like I'm ripping the show a lot here, but mostly it's my heavier than usual sarcasm that's rearing its ugly but lovable head. I find that once I can get past the artificial drama and staged scenarios, there is a nugget of watchable show here. But I'll never admit to that in public.

My favorite part of the show last night, staged or not, was when 62 year old grandfather Jerry not only beat out every other contestant in the initial race for team captain, but at the end of the night dropped 31 pounds at the first weigh in, the most weight that anyone in the history of the show lost in a single week.

Final verdict? I'll be back for next week's episode. Just don't tell anyone, okay?

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TB--Milwaukee said...

I wish my choir didn't meet on Tuesdays. Forgot to set the VCR (I know I'm still in the dark ages there) so I didn't get to watch it. I do think it is one of the better reality shows as far as production. I'll be watching if I remember next week.