Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wedding Update

This was the actual topper for the wedding cake. Let's just say that my side of the family has an interesting sense of humor...

We had a great time at my sister's wedding yesterday. It was a nice, casual affair at my niece's home. I probably had a little more to eat than I had planned for, but yesterday was not about how much I ate, it was about my sister and her new husband.

Of course, my weight did come up as a topic of conversation plenty of times yesterday, since it had been a while since some of my family had seen me. My mother, of course, thinks I'm too thin, even sickly looking. Never mind that the last time I'd seen her I was only five pounds heavier! Bless her for caring, though.

So congratulations, D & T, and may you both have many years of happiness ahead of you!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Oh, that is too funny...must show this topper to Nurse Lara and see if she's interested!

My family enjoys it much more when You've gained weight since the last get-together...much more fun to talk about...haha.