Monday, September 17, 2007

Weight Loss Blog Roundup #2

After a busy weekend away from the blog, it's time to get it back in gear! To start the week, here's the latest edition of the Weight Loss Blog Roundup, covering posts from the last week. Enjoy!

Gal from 60 In 3 tells you Everything You Need To Know About Workout Food

SkinnyBitch from CR - Getting and staying skinny the healthy way, talks about planning ahead of time when she's Feeling Splurgy.

Here's another great post from Cranky McSlacker over at Cranky Fitness, on Re-Motivating: When it Just Ain't Happening.

Jonathan has found the Click! over at

Is emotional eating simply a bad habit? Kathy from Kathy Calculates says Don't Ask Why?

Ralph from RightSizingAmerica suggests that You may be too fat to go through the drive-thru, after reading about car weight limits.

Finally, Roni from Roni's Weight Watchen Pages wants to let you know that Hunger is Not an Emergency!

That's all for this week, thanks to all the blog authors mentioned for the great articles! Have a great week, everyone.


Kathy said...

Thanks again for the link and the list...always ready to read other people's viewpoints. I especially agreed with Roni's and was just getting ready to do a post on the same subject when I saw hers...I remind myself that being a little hungry is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of. Keep up the good work, Jersey Boy!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks so much! You've got lots of intriguing links here and I can't wait to check 'em out.

Skinny Guy said...

Thanks, ladies. Glad that you're enjoying the content. I just wish I had more free time to spend on it. Maybe after I hit that lottery...