Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Trails

Tiring of walking loops around the neighborhood and local parks and ballfields, I took to the internet earlier this week to see if I could find new and interesting ways to burn some calories.

My search led me to the Outdoor Club of South Jersey, and this morning I participated in a 6 mile hike through New Jersey's Wharton State Forest, near Batsto Village in the heart of the Pine Barrens.

There was a large group of folks assembled at the rendezvous point when I arrived, and a short while later we were on our way. The pace was comfortable, although the weather was unseasonably warm and humid. We trekked though heavily wooded areas, more open areas, along the Batsto River, over some small streams and even though historic Batsto Village.

The time flew by, so much so that I was surprised when we found ourselves back at the Visitor's center at the end of the hike. I'm definitely going to check out the schedule to find some more of these hikes to participate in!


Kathy said...

That sounds like so much're starting to sound like Jonathan!

Israel said...

awesome. what did you search for exactly? I would be interested in doing something similar around my town.

Skinny Guy said...

If I remember correctly I used "south jersey hiking clubs" in Google, and the Outdoor Club of New Jersey was the first result.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Wow! I'm still with the boring walks around the neighborhood right now. Good for you for searching something more out!