Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Man (Or Woman) Is An Island

One of the themes that has been a constant since I started writing this blog is the idea that each person has to be responsible for their own weight loss. No one is going to do it for you, and when you deviate from whatever plan you're following to lose your weight, it is of your own doing. After all, no one is forcing any food down your throat.

But the fact that you have to do this for yourself does not mean that you have to do this by yourself. A strong support system is essential for anyone involved in a difficult venture and I am sure everyone reading these pages would agree that losing weight certainly qualifies.

That is one of the reasons Weight Watchers is so successful. Their meeting based weight loss approach has been thriving for over 40 years. It has definitely been a positive factor in my story. But it hasn't been the only one.

Being the computer minded person that I am, one of the first resources I turned to was the Weight Watchers web site. Their Community Message Boards offer dozens of different support groups to talk about all aspects of your weight loss journey. As a guy, I became particularly interested in the Guys On A Diet board, otherwise known as GoaD. The guys (and gals) who post there have a no nonsense approach to losing weight and offer lots of support for one another. The best part is that you don't need to be a member of Weight Watchers to read or write on the boards since they're open to the general public!

The blogging community is also very supportive. I found that out once I started this site. There are plenty of bloggers out there who are fighting the same fight against fat, yet we all bring something different to the table. Hopefully that enables us to learn from each other and try different approaches when we are running into stumbling blocks. You can check out the blogs listed in the sidebar or read the comments and visit the sites of the folks who post here.

In my opinion, the most important support group you can have is your family. Even though they may not understand the struggles that you're facing as you try to shred your excess weight, you can always count on them for unconditional love and support. Well, maybe it would be easier if Mom didn't try to fill you up with the best chocolate cake in the world every time to go to visit her, but hopefully you're lucky enough that she understands when you only have a small taste.

The trick is to take advantage of these and all the other support systems available to you. They're there, you just have to use them.

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