Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Is American Diabetes Month

Diabetes has touched my life and the lives of those dear to me for a little over a decade now. Since November is American Diabetes Month here in the US, and since there are many diabetes events going on world-wide this month, I plan on devoting a few posts to different aspects of this disease throughout November.

I haven't discussed it much here, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost 8 years ago. My father-in-law passed away after his diabetes, along with other complications, cut short his recovery from a broken hip. Two months after that my wife was diagnosed. So for us, diabetes is something we deal with on a daily basis.

I'm going to try to post about different diabetes resources, some of the national and international diabetes organizations and what they do, and basically anything else related to diabetes that I can think of. I'll be posting about World Diabetes Day, celebrated on November 14, as well as about my planned visit to the Diabetes Expo in Philadelphia on November 17.

It is very important to realize the impact of diabetes not only in the United States, but around the world. I'm hoping that by talking about it here during the upcoming month, I will have done my part.


Ambitious Fledgling said...

I just read through some of your blog. Congrats and job well done. Most people can't seem to keep if off. However, you are doing quite well. (clap, clap!!) I used to be 215, but no one would guess that looking at me now. lol (A whole 135 now) and I truly understand the struggle. So good job you!

AmyT said...

Thanks for this.

Check out what's happening for World Diabetes Day, Nov.14, at

Skinny Guy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Fledgling, and congrats on your own success!

Amy, you're quite welcome. I stop by Diabetes Mine from time to time and think it's a great site. Thanks for the great job you do there.