Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Path Of Least Resistance

This is going to be a short post after a long day.

I had jury duty today. I was actually able to find a decent spot for lunch. I was feeling good that I didn't have to settle for the hot dog carts or the fast food places all around the courthouse.

After I was done at the courthouse, I picked up my wife at home and drove her to a doctor's appointment. On the way home it was decided that we would order a pizza and take it home for her and my son to have for dinner. I was planning on whipping up a quick dinner from my stash of handy ingredients.

But by the time we got home, I was hungry, I was tired, and I just didn't feel like "whipping up" anything. So I had two slices of pizza. Not exactly the healthy dinner I had planned, but today the path of least resistance was a choice I could live with.

The difference is that I always used to take that path. Now, it's more of an aberration than a habit. There's been a fundamental shift in my mindset and I'm finding that I'm adjusting to it quite nicely.


JoLynn Braley said...

"The difference is that I always used to take that path. Now, it's more of an aberration than a habit."....that is something to celebrate! You also mentioned that you've had a shift in your mindset....I believe that it is imperative to change your thoughts, those thoughts that got you in trouble in the first place and "helped" you gain weight.

Sounds like you have really made a lifestyle change in both body and mind, which is what you need to keep that weight off. ;)

Jake Silver said...

I'm pretty sure that 2 slices of pizza isn't that bad... especially in "maintainence mode" and not "weight-loss" mode.

S William said...

Congrats on the willpower. Situations like the one you described are my weaknesses. I use them as excuses to eat too much.

Skinny Guy said...

Jolynn, thanks for stopping by. I'm doing my best to make the changes, sometimes they don't always stick, but I'm working at it!

Jake, 2 slices isn't that bad, but there's always the urge to grab that third one.

S William, I've gotten better in those kinds of situations, but the temptation isn't too far away, especially when I'm tired after a long day.