Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Pretzel Man And Other Indulgences

Every Wednesday afternoon at work, one of the guys brings in some warm, freshly baked South Philly Style soft pretzels. They are big and doughy and covered with salt, just like a good pretzel is supposed to be. He also has a large squeeze bottle of hot Bavarian style mustard. Put a bit too much on your pretzel and, well let's just say it's difficult to describe the feeling of trying to regain control of your sinuses after the choking pain subsides.

I don't indulge in these pretzels every week, but every once in a while I'll decide that I want one. So I'll have one. I'll dutifully log the points for it, usually before I've even finished wiping the mustard from the corners of my mouth.

Sometimes I'll get a hankering for an honest to goodness peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My wife keeps our bread in the refrigerator, so I'll take out two slices and toast them ever so slightly, then smear two tablespoons worth of peanut butter on one slice, and sugar free strawberry preserves on the other, then mash 'em together. I usually wash it down with either ice cold skim milk, hot coffee or no sugar added hot chocolate, depending on the season.

I've already talked about my favorite fall cookie in this post. It took me about a month to get through the first box, and that was with the help of my family. Right now I'm still working on the first sleeve of the second box. I suspect the rest of the box may last through Thanksgiving.

The reason I'm talking about these indulgences is not to torture you. It's to make the point that these treats are things that I was not willing to give up in my quest to lose weight. So I did what I needed to do to fit them into my new lifestyle. That means that I don't have them all in the same week or on the same day or even in the same hour, which in the past wasn't as outlandish as it sounds today.

Now I take my time and enjoy them, and they taste so much better than anything that comes in a wrapper or bag that you mindlessly pop into your mouth and swallow before it even registers that you ate it. Be aware of what you're eating and make sure that it's worth it to you. Then find a way to fit it in. It's not easy, but it can be done.

Because I just can't imagine life without soft pretzels.


TB--Milwaukee said...

I love those soft pretzels, but here in Wisconsin we dip them in hot melted cheese. Everything in Wisconsin is covered with cheese, even our heads!

Good post! I need to remember this with Halloween coming. Not sure what candy I really want to eat yet.

Skinny Guy said...

Too bad Muhsin Muhammad wasn't covered with cheese at the end of the game last Sunday. Maybe he wouldn't have been able to catch that ball...

Jake Silver said...

There is some kind of microwave-able pretzel and also Mini Versions that HungryGirl.Org always talks about, but I forgot the company name. I think they are frozen foods in the grocery store and they are packaged for portion control.

I never realized you did the helicopter thing. My wife is wanting me to get a degree from E-R for Avionics in case the AF wants to Med Discharge me.

From what I can tell on the internet, working Avionics on the F22 Raptor, combined with the fact that I have a "Clearance" could be very lucrative in the civilian marketplace.

JoLynn Braley said...

Hi, it sounds like you've really got a handle on moderation and you've definitely made lifestyle changes instead of going the short term diet route. I bet you're going to be very successful at keeping the weight off! ;)

Kathy said...

I had never had soft pretzels or bagels before visiting my sister in Jersey back in the early 80's...I just have to say that it was an instant love affair. I was so glad that I had to visit the coast to indulge in them. Definitely worth planning for on occasion.