Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weigh In: Week 77 (Unofficial)

Last Week: 160.2 lbs.
This Week: 160.6 lbs. (Unofficial)
Change: Up 0.4 lbs.

Starting Weight: 292.0 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 131.4 lbs.
Starting BMI: 43.2 (Morbidly Obese)
Current BMI: 23.8 (Normal)

Started WW: 25 April 2006
Reached Goal: 15 May 2007
Started Core: 13 June 2007
Reached Lifetime: 26 June 2007

That's right, this week we have another unofficial weigh in. I'm not avoiding the WeightWatcher scale, we've just been pretty busy at home. And since I've already logged my official weigh in for the month, there's no added pressure to make the meeting.

As you can see, I'm up a little bit again, for the fifth straight week. While I am still way below my goal weight, I don't want to let this trend continue too much longer.

I'll be facing 2 challenges this next week. First up, I've been summoned for jury duty tomorrow. I'll eat my usual breakfast before I go, but lunch will be a mystery until we're released for lunch, whenever that may be. It shouldn't be all that bad, though.

The other challenge will be Saturday night when my wife and I will be out celebrating our wedding anniversary. We'll be going to a dinner theater where they will be serving Italian favorites such as Chicken Cacciatore, Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Italian Sausage, and Caesar Salad. I should be able to manage just find, but plenty of temptation will be there.

Good luck to everyone out there facing their own challenges this week, and remember, if I can do it, so can you!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Dumb question, but could the additional weight be muscle mass? I always have trouble just going by pounds because sometimes a slightly higher weight is actually a good thing because I've been building muscle.

Of course other times it's more about the cupcakes. Bad cupcakes.

Good for you for staying accountable and vigilant. And good luck with all the upcoming temptations!

Skinny Guy said...

Very unlikely. About 6 weeks ago I hit an all time low weight which was just below the low end of my desired range, so I've added some calories to (carefully) try to get back in my range. I guess I could have explained that part in my post.

Anyway, I really haven't been doing the kinds of workouts I would need to do in order to gain any muscle mass.