Monday, November 26, 2007

The Aftermath

Wow! Four days away from the blogosphere has really left me behind. I've been catching up on my reading and commenting on other blogs and almost forgot to update this one! But I'm here now, so let's dig in...

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. We enjoyed a fresh turkey with all the trimmings. I had a nice helping of the turkey and enjoyed everything else in moderation. I even had a baked sweet potato instead of the mashed sweet/white potato dish (although I did have a taste!).

Come dessert time there was pumpkin pie and fresh Jewish apple cake, so I had a slice of each! Wicked of me, I know, but somehow I didn't think it would make all that much of a difference, you know?

In fact, it's true confession time. That Jewish apple cake was huge! And delicious! And I've had a generous slice of it each night for dessert since Thanksgiving. But once it's gone, it's gone. I'll know tomorrow night if there was any holiday "damage" to deal with, and if there is I'll deal with it then.

I also made a great Turkey Vegetable Soup with Barley over the weekend. I don't really have a recipe to give you, it was just another one of my "throw everything into a pot and see what happens" recipes. I boiled the turkey carcass & giblets for a couple hours, strained them, added a bunch of veggies, turkey meat and barley to the strained stock and simmered it for about 45 minutes. It's a hot, tasty dish perfect for the cooler weather we're having as we get ready to head into December.


TB--Milwaukee said...

Wicked~two desserts...but as you said does it really matter? You're doing great and deserve a treat without worrying about depriving yourself.

But don't be making another one for a while!

Jake Silver said...

i did really great on TG. i had turkey and veggies and fruits. truth be told, the turkey was the best thing. my big treat was the low-cal pumpkin pie my wife made 4 me and i have a slice everyday.

Kathy said...

Having dessert is your reward for all the hard work you've done to lose the weight and going to maintenance. You know what to do to balance it out.

I love barley in soup but I've always had it with a beef or tomato based one...the turkey with barley sounds interesting.

btw...welcome back to the blogosphere...we miss you when you take a break from us!