Monday, December 17, 2007

Juggling Cats

Maybe not cats, but I've been keeping quite a few balls in the air the last few days. There were equal parts stress, running from here to there and back again, celebrations, holiday madness and computer failure, just to name a few of the things that had to be dealt with.

The most painful was the death of the hard drive on my daughter's laptop. We've been waiting for her new laptop to be delivered and it was as if her old laptop went into a jealous rage, killing the hard drive before anyone could rescue the data that was on it. The hard part was informing my daughter that the last year and a half of her college work had been lost. She was especially distraught about losing all of her nursing files.

Unfortunately, it seems as though all of us learn about backing up our computer files the hard way.

On a brighter note, we were invited to help the president of my son's high school celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination into the priesthood. It was a wonderful evening, attended by many members of his blood, religious, and school families. Did I mention there was plenty of food? And drink?

The bottom line is that I survived all that and managed to keep the damage to a minimum. While there was a time or two that I may have been on the edge, I managed to stay in control. I didn't engage in any stress eating, and at the anniversary celebration I indulged in some treats without turning into a human vacuum cleaner.

Now if I can just talk my wife out of baking more Christmas cookies...


David Dane said...

Sometimes the hard drive gets stuck. It won't turn. If you tap the hard drive sometimes it can unjam and you can pull the data. Also, there are recovery people out there who will pull the disk from the hard drive and put into another hard drive. They can spin up the disk and pull the data.

Skinny Guy said...

Thanks, David. I know most of the tricks, and this drive looks like a goner. The recovery services were a little too rich for my blood the last time I looked into using them, I'll have to check to see if they've gotten any cheaper lately.

Kathy said...

Must be contagious...just going to your blog got my computer to acting up! Anyway...I can't imagine losing that kind of files...that's wicked bad luck!

Glad you're navigating those feasts so're a beacon for the rest of us!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Painful lesson about the computer. I never back anything up, probably should, but then again if I lose stuff I have easy excuses to blame the computer.