Sunday, December 2, 2007

Put To The Test

Well, it didn't take long...

I went into work yesterday for a little weekend overtime. Since I'm working on the last paycheck before Christmas, I thought a little last minute cash could be useful.

About halfway through the day I received an email from my wife that threatened to test my holiday goal. Halfway through a load of laundry, squealing noises and the smell of burning rubber started emanating from the washer. Ugh. And because we had previous plans to go to my mother-in-law's after work, I didn't have time to look at it when I got home from work. But it sounds suspiciously like an expensive repair bill or a new washer is now on our Christmas list.

On top of an almost $800 car repair from before Thanksgiving, this new development is already testing my resolve to stay in control despite the stress. So far I'm managing and not thinking about food to deal with the stress. I'm happy about that.

In fact, the way I'm dealing with it right now is by blasting Christmas music a volume level that even my teenage son might find uncomfortable. And it's working. It helps that no one else is home right now. But now I have to go run some errands.


Kathy said...

Well, at this rate, you'll be so broke soon that you won't be able to afford food...instant weight loss!

Dinah Soar said...

Hey skinny guy...just let it roll off your will pass...and then it's on to something else...hahaha...I"ve learned there will always be trials mixed in with the good stuff...learning to live with uncertainty and difficulty is part of being mature and accepting our lot in life.

I always look to God for help...his grace is abundant and I've experienced that it is sufficient to carry me through all the hard stuff...I have the choice to "kick against the pricks" (that'll just give you sore feet, hahaha) or receive the grace...which amounts to accepting graciously whatever comes our way, believing that God allowed it for some higher purpose beyond our understanding...yes, even when the dryer breaks down God has permitted it....He could have prevented it, but He didn't.

I think it's the AA prayer that states that we should, with God's help, change what we can, accept what we can't change, and hopefully have the wisdom to know the difference. Hang tough...just take it a day at a time...hour by hour if need be...don't look ahead at what future difficulties may come...there's time for that "then".

I'm sure you already know this stuff...just wanted to let you know I'm, as the rest of us blog devotees, pulling for you.

Veronika said...

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