Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Green Acres: The Place For Me?

It may be the dead of winter, but vegetables are the talk of the town in the blogosphere lately...

Jonathan and Kathy are two bloggers that I read who have fresh vegetables delivered to their doorsteps on a weekly basis. I enjoy reading about their adventures with new veggies and deciding how in the world to prepare them.

PastaQueen goes spelunking into the produce section of the market every month with the mission to find and taste some fruit or vegetable that she's never had before.

Over at Approvechar, Sally has turned to Community-Supported Agriculture, basically a venture where members of a community agree to purchase a share of a farm's harvest every week for an entire growing season. It's a win for the farm because the farmer is guaranteed an income on his crops. It's also a win for the shareholders, because they'll be on the receiving end of a weekly selection of fresh, locally grown produce all season. Finally, the community as a whole wins, because money is going into the local economy and not to some megachain.

Being that I live in the Garden State, this last option intrigued me to the point that I started poking around the Local Harvest web site. To my surprise, I found a CSA farm listed less than 10 miles away from my front door. I need to poke around a little more, but so far I like what I've found, and may find myself signing up if I'm not careful.

[Insert clever Arnold Ziffel/bacon joke here]

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Kathy said...

So we can look forward to some unique vegetable preparations ala Skinny Guy! I can't wait.

Skinny Guy said...

It should prove to be interesting.