Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Man Makes The Clothes

I'm sure everyone has heard of the old adage, "The clothes make the man." I'm not so sure I believe that one anymore.

In my fat life, I only had a few different outfits: jeans and t-shirts, sweats, maybe a pair or two of slacks and a few knit shirts. All very functional, nothing very stylish. As I think back on it now, I knew how bad I looked, and I dressed the part.

As I lost weight, I started feeling good about the progress I was making, and started feeling better about myself. The only drawback at this point was that my body was in a constant state of change, therefore it would have been quite an expensive proposition to buy a new wardrobe in ever-shrinking sizes. More jeans and sweats, if you please!

Finally I reached the point where I am today and where I hope to be for a long time. While I still wear jeans and t-shirts, I also have a nice selection of casual and dress clothes to wear that are actually stylish! I actually take pride in my appearance and will even consent to going clothes shopping now that I don't have to frequent the dreaded Big & Tall store.

What it boils down to is that I had to feel like I was "the man" before I could dress like "the man." And in this case, it was the man that made the clothes. It makes me wonder what other cliches would fall apart under closer scrutiny.


Kathy said...

I've noticed my husband is wearing some of his nicer shirts and sweaters and showing a little more concern about his appearance now that his weight is coming down. I think when you look better, you feel better, and you take better care of yourself.

Dinah Soar said...

I rejected the "clothes make the man/woman" a long time ago. That's marketing..."they" just want us to buy more clothes. The man inside the clothes is what counts...and it doesn't matter if he's fat or skinny...his character is the most important thing he has going for him. And anyone who can't see past fat and judges a heavy person as "less than"---well in my book that person is lacking seriously. I think we in the U.S. focus too much on appearance which is superficial. I grew up with the teaching "you can't judge a book by it's cover". It was true in the 1950's and it's still true today.

So much of the world is just figuring out where its next morsel will come from...we here in the U.S. need to get real....we've been spoiled by too much stuff. God certainly has blessed our nation with an abundance and that is no shame nor is it a sin to enjoy that abundance...but when we loose sight of what is important, then the abundance ceases to be a blessing and is in a way, a curse.

Skinny Guy said...

I don't disagree with anything you've said, Dinah, but I was focusing more on my internal view of myself rather than what others may or may not have thought of me. And even though much of the time I played the gregarious, self-depreciating fat man, my appearance and grooming was a mostly accurate barometer of how I felt about myself.