Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Weight Management Toolbox

I've used many tools in my quest to lose 130 pounds and then maintain that loss. Some of them were provided by Weight Watchers, some were found online, and others were of my own design. I thought it might be helpful to mention a few of them here in case they might help someone else.


I've used several different spreadsheets since I started losing weight. Two of the most helpful have been from On My Weigh. The Weight Loss Progress Chart and now the Maintenance Progress Chart have both helped me track my progress during both phases of my weight loss.

Another was a spreadsheet of my own design which calculates the Weight Watchers POINTS value for a food when you supply the calories, fat and fiber of that food. The POINTS formula is patented by WW, which means that the patent can be found and read online by anyone who searches for it. And before you ask, because the formula belongs to WW I will not be sharing the formula or my spreadsheet, so please don't make me turn you down.

Web Sites

Besides all the great blogs in the weight loss community I've found on the Internet, there have been several web sites that have been gold mines of information and support for me.

The official Weight Watchers site has all kinds of great information, and the support on their Guys On A Diet message board has a great (mostly) no nonsense approach to weight loss.

Living The Core Life is a site I found when checking out the Core plan and helped my make the decision to switch.

Nutrition Data is another site that provides complete nutritional information for just about any food or recipe.

In The Kitchen

The following items have made it much easier to prepare good, healthy meals:

  • Good knives (and a good sharpener)
  • Digital food scale
  • Multiple sets of measuring cups/spoons
  • Hot Air popcorn popper
  • Good blender
  • Extra Large lunch box, to accommodate nice, healthy lunches (Skinny Guy Seal of Approval©)
  • Plenty of food storage containers
  • Crock pot
What kinds of stuff are you packing in your Weight Management Tool Box?

The Count: Snooze = +13, Push-Ups = +17


TB--Milwaukee said...

I've been looking for a good lunch box. Right now, I use plastic grocery bags. I'd like an upgrade soon.

Good tip about multiple measuring spoons/cups too. I'll be looking to get more of these too.

The one tool I use religiously is my pedometer. I keep track of my steps daily.

john - from fat to fit said...

My blog.
Heart-rate monitor.
Digital scale.
Lots of different sized Gladware containers.
Sugar-free chewing gum.

Kathy said...

I kept meaning to respond to this post, but there are so many things! I think my greatest tool is my computer. I use it for support, inspiration, recipes, technical information...on and on.

I love my Farm Fresh delivery. This week I am forced to find new ways to use bok choy because I received a very generous amount of it Friday...and that's where Alanna's blog comes in...isn't she great?

Jake Silver said...

cool post. thanks 4 stopping by.

Dinah Soar said...

The things I use most are my digital kitchen scale and my computer. A digital scale is a must have for any kitchen, even for non-dieters...I find it indispensible. I use my computer to keep my virtual journal on my virtual desktop at the ready, and find inspiration from reading other bloggers on this same journey. Seeing that fellow "losers" struggle as I do and achieve their goals encourages me to keep on keeping on.

A fun thing that deserves mention is my battery operated milk frother...I can make lots of "skinny" tea and coffee drinks--- and skim milk which is lower in calories froths up great.

Skinny Guy said...

Lots of good ideas here!

TB, I really like the lunch box I linked to. It's expensive, but I managed to catch in on sale for 10 bucks off. I never thought I'd be partial to any particular lunch box since my Disney lunch box in grade school, but this one is a keeper!