Sunday, January 27, 2008

There's Something Fishy Going On Here...

...and it's my dinner!

Fish isn't a common item on the menu here at Skinny Guy Manor, mostly because not everyone here enjoys the catch of the day. Mrs. SG is mostly partial to shellfish and select flatfish, and the resident teenagers are divided on the issue. Me? As evident from my before pictures, I'd eat just about anything given the chance.

So imagine my delight when the Missus came home from the supermarket today with two nice fillets of turbot for tonight's dinner. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to prepare them, but then I decided to go for the simple approach.

I laid the fillets in a baking dish, sprinkled them with black pepper, then squeezed the juice of half a lemon over them and let them sit for about 10 minutes while I mixed up some parsley butter. Actually it was parsley mixed in with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, but you get the idea. Anyway, I just spooned out the parsley butter over the fillets then baked them in a 425 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes.

We served them up with some boiled potatoes and string beans sauteed in minced garlic and extra virgin olive oil, and let me tell you, my tummy is still doing a happy dance!

I really should make more of an effort to have our swimming friends over for dinner more often. In addition to the health benefits, it just tastes so darn good! So to celebrate tonight's guests of honor, I'm going to leave you with this video:


The Count: Snooze = +23, Push-Ups = +27


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I'm learning how to cook fish. That sounds really tasty! But . . . doesn't I Can't Believe It's Not Butter have trans fat (partially hydrogenated fat) in it? I know it used to--have they cut that out now?

skinnybitch said...

I *love* turbot! I had it for dinner just this evening. Here's my favorite way to make it:

Mix the juice of one lemon with a tablespoon or two of Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard and a teaspoon of minced garlic. Pour the mixture over the fillets. Broil for about 10 minutes. Yum!

Even my two-year-old loves this recipe. I got her to eat half a fillet tonight - believe me, that's a lot for her!

Veronika said...

I love fish... any kind and any way prepared.. I have a teenager who is not fond of fish, actually she isn't fond of anything remotely titled healthy. But I tell you, the girl has 95 pounds and can eat whatever she wants without gaining an ounce. I'm so jealous.. but some 40 years ago when I was her age I was the same.
Your recipe sounds delicious.

Kathy said...

Ok, Skinny...I can't believe 3 people have commented and had nothing to say about "Fish heads"!!! Let me were standing behind Clinton when he didn't inhale and the wind sent it all in your direction...right?

btw...I love fish too and I think Mrs. SG is starting to sound a lot like Mrs. Columbo!

Kathy said...

Darn you, I have an ear worm of that awful's following me everywhere I go!!! I hope you're happy.

Skinny Guy said...

Kathy, I've had that particular earworm for decades, so I can't say I'm sorry that you're infected now...

Eat them up, yum!

Fish Heads Trivia:

One half of the Barnes and Barnes duo is none other than Bill Mumy, otherwise known as Will Robinson on the old TV show "Lost In Space" and later as Lennier on the TV show "Babylon 5."

Also, the dapper young man buying the fish heads in the video is none other than Bill Paxton of "Aliens" and "Apollo 13" fame in one of his first screen credits.

Dinah Soar said...

For some reason the video is blocked, so couldn't watch it...I love any fish deep fried...when it comes to baked fish I love tilapia...but when I found out that all my locally available tilpia is farm raised in China, I quit buying it. They put lead in the toys, melamine in the pet food and I hear they put melamine in some animal feed and also in cake no more "made in China" for me. Of late it's been mainly wild Alaska salmon. But your recipe sounds good...if I happen on some turbot I will give it a try.

Anonymous said...

SG, have you tried Steelhead Trout fillets? They are absolutely fantastic! We buy Golden Dip't Teriyaki Seafood Marinade and drizzle about 1 tsp over each fillet and let it marinade for a little while, then then either grill or pan fry in a tiny bit of oil, just until done (i.e., don't overcook Steelhead!) That goes incredibly well with bunch of steamed asparagus and a Spinach & Strawberry salad. Delicious nutritiousness! JD :-)

Skinny Guy said...

Nope, haven't tried them, JD. Sounds like I may have to keep an eye out for them, though. Those dishes you mentioned sure do sound tasty!