Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Results Are In!

The polls are closed on the first ever poll at Gotta Keep It Off! and the results have been tabulated. It what should be no surprise to some of you, Eating Out tallied the most votes with four people having difficulty staying on their plan when they're not eating at home.

Snacking came in second, followed by Portion Control and Other tied for third. Bringing up the rear were Exercise, Motivation and Sweet Tooth.

I was surprised that Exercise didn't get more votes, as that's one of the things I hear a lot of people not being able to fit in to their lives at any particular time. I know it's been one of my constant sticking points.

We talked about eating out the other day, and about snacking when you're not really hungry before that, so next we'll talk about how to handle snacking when you are hungry. What to eat, what to avoid, what to never bring in the house and all that good stuff.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!

The Count: Snooze = +38, Push-Ups = +44


Kathy said...

I didn't go for exercise because I am not even ready to go there at this point, and as much as I know that it would be good for my overall health, I really don't think it is a factor in my weight loss. If I weigh the negative effects of losing sight of my goal and eating off-plan versus not going for a walk, the overeating is definitely the worse of the two for me.

Thanks for the poll and making us think about these factors. And Happy Valentines Day to you and your lovely wife!

HappyBlogChick said...

I just happened upon your blog ... I can tell you, exercise would have been the vote for me, given the options.

Of course, if the option "getting complacent when maintaining" had been on there, THAT would have been my choice.

I'm almost to maintenance again. Hopefully now that I have the blogging community support and a different perspective, I *will* maintain.

Congrats on your success maintaining - keep up the good work!