Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, 2008 Edition

I hope all of my readers that celebrate Easter enjoy a happy and healthy one today.

The craziness that was the first half of March for me has decided to continue into the rest of the month, but at a slightly lower intensity level. The upside is that my sanity is still intact. The downside is that the post-deadline let-down has continued, affecting my healthy eating, my exercise and my blogging.

I know it will stop. Right now, though, I can't say when. It's just a matter of getting my head back in the right place.

In the mean time, my family and I are off to my mother-in-law's for a nice Easter dinner. So again, Happy Easter, everyone!


bigmexFred said...

I came across your site while looking for a location that supports people who have lost a lot of weight. It looks like you are going through the same challenges as I am. I think it is "easy" to lose the weight, it is 10x harder keeping it off. Best of luck with your site and your journey.

skinnybitch said...

Hey Skinny Guy,

Don't worry about a few stumbles here and there. The key is to just put the past firmly behind you and focus on right here, right now.

Hope you had a great Easter!


David Dane said...

Skinny guy you'll want to delete that computer advertisement aluguel de computatadores. This is a similar message that was posted on my blog site. I deleted it.

skinnybitch said...

Hey there Skinny!
Long time no post. I hope all's well with you.
Take care,

Jaime said...

I came across your site today and wanted to say hi. What an amazing thing to loose that much weight. I am just starting on my journey of loosing that kind of weight. I hope to be just as successful. Good luck to you and take care.

Skinny Guy said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by during my absence. It's really appreciated! I hope to avoid such lengthy interruptions of service in the future.

David, thanks for the heads up about the blog spam.

Robin, thanks for checking in!

Fred and Jaime, welcome to my blog. There should actually something to read here a little more often now, so I hope you stop back again soon.