Sunday, March 16, 2008

Knowing And Doing Aren't The Same Thing

After losing 130 pounds and keeping it off for eight months, you might think that I know what I'm doing when it comes to my weight. And most days, you'd be right. But knowing and doing, as the title to this post reminds us, don't always walk the same path.

I had the "perfect storm" of a post-stress let-down, extremely good news and ample opportunity that led me down a calorie-filled detour, and I made sure I hit every pothole along the way!

As I mentioned in yesterday's return from exile post, I finally turned over the project I was working on to the printer after a very stressful lead up to the final deadline. And even though I felt great relief afterwards, there is also that shell-shocked feeling that takes a few days to recover from.

Strike one.

Several days later my son the high school senior received a piece of mail that we were waiting for from the financial aid office of his college of choice. We had to bring it with us to the school function we were attending that evening since he stayed late for practice and we were going to meet him there.

The letter? Confirmation of a full academic scholarship! To say we were ready to celebrate would be an extreme understatement...

Strike two.

Back to the function we were attending. I've mentioned before that my son rows for his school's Crew team. This function was the "Kickoff" dinner for this year's crew season. And a dinner at a Catholic high school on a Friday evening during Lent can only mean one thing. Pasta, and lots of it. With Alfredo sauce. And marinara sauce. And clam sauce. And almost every family there brought enough desserts to feed 3 families.

Strike three.

Strikes four, five and six involve having to bring most of the leftover desserts home and store them until today, when we brought them down to the river for our first race of the season.

For the uninitiated, a day on the river for a crew family involves a long day punctuated by brief segments of cheering for your school's boats as they fly by towards the finish line. You pass the rest of the time by talking with your fellow crew parents. And eating. Breakfast. Lunch. Desserts. All day long.

It's too late in this long story to make a long story short, but it is safe to say that I know what I should have been doing food-wise this weekend, I just chose to take the easy path and give in to my feelings the entire time. Now it's time to move on and get back on track the first thing in the morning. That's what Mondays are for, right?

The Count: Snooze = +50, Exercise = +66


TB--Milwaukee said...

Congrats to your son on the scholarship. Wow!

AndrewE said...

Great news! A scholarship is fantastic.

As for the strikes. Put them behind you and move on. ;)

Kathy said...

Well, since today is St. Patty's Day. I'll lift a cup of green tea to toast the beauty that is a Monday of sin and full of hope...ain't it great!!!

And a whooping big congrats on the full scholarship! As a parent who has put a couple of kids through college, I can really appreciate that little gift!

miguelpineiro said...

Interesting stat, you got it! Keep up the great work! Do you have links to this stat? Thanks!