Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Girth Day

Today marks the 39th observance of Earth Day, an annual event in which we examine the effects of our impact on the planet and our efforts to minimize the environmental damage we cause.

I believe that in some ways my efforts to lose weight may have helped reduce my environmental footprint as well as my waist size. For that reason (and because it rhymes with Earth Day), I'm also designating today as Girth Day.

"But Skinny Guy," I can hear you asking, "How can not eating like a pig anymore possibly have a positive effect on the environment??"

Boy, am I glad you asked! Keep in mind that the following statements are only my opinions and not necessarily approved by Al Gore...

  • Eating more whole foods and less pre-packaged food lessens the amount of trash I contribute to landfills.
  • Smaller clothes uses less energy and less fabric/synthetics/leather to manufacture.
  • Personal greenhouse emissions are way, way down with healthier eating habits.
  • More exercise (Don't you roll your eyes at me!) equals more exhaled CO2 to feed plant life.

Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Share them in the comments!

Reduce Your Girth and Save the Earth!


Kathy said...

I cast a smaller shadow which means more sunlight hits the ground!!!
OK...a stretch, but your list was so great I couldn't think of anything! I do know that every trip I don't take to McDonald's has to have an impact on the Earth...have you seen the pile of trash you have to discard after a meal there???
btw...welcome back!!!

noelle said...

Girth day! Love that. We eat way more local produce. That's a biggie for the earth. Less travel by our food. And support for our local farm has to do some good around here.

Glad you are back on track. Me too! I gotta lose these 5 pounds!

Israel said...

Opt to walk or bike ride to where you need to go, reducing the emissions from cars while getting in a good cardio workout.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Israel's got the idea...ride your bike to your WW meetings instead of driving and looking for the closest spot;)

Welcome back, you've been missed.

Skinny Guy said...

All excellent ideas! Thanks, everyone.