Saturday, May 10, 2008

Out Of The Corner

When last we heard from our intrepid reporter, he let it be known that he needed to get off his posterior and get back on track. His devilishly clever plan was to force his own hand by using this blog to publicly commit to perform physical exertion in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses. In his own words, he painted himself into a corner.

Let us now join our reporter as he regales us with the tale of his attempt to leave the aforementioned corner without getting himself covered with paint...

Hello! Well, as our narrator was quick to remind us, my last post detailed my plan to get back on track by deciding to participate in a 5K race. I'd like to be able to say that I've spent the two weeks since that post hard at work training for the race, slowly building up endurance by training a bit more each day until by race time I was in peak condition and ready to impress everyone on the Atlantic City boardwalk with my performance.

Yeah, right.

In actuality, the last two weeks have been very similar to the last two months in respect to the demands on my time. I only managed to get out and walk once, for about 30 minutes total. Not very inspiring, and not at all the best way to train for a 5K, even if I planned on walking the whole way.

By the time woke up this morning, I decided that my game plan would be to put on a show and run at the start and finish lines, and walk the rest of the way. It seemed like a fairly reasonable plan to me, especially since I've never claimed to be a "runner."

After a 25 minute delay caused by two false starts, the race finally began. I started running, which in my case could more accurately be called shuffling, down the course. The pack surged ahead and started leaving the slower participants behind. I kept at my shuffling, and before I realized it, almost ten minutes had passed! By this time, I did have to take a breather, so I slowed myself down to a walk.

Before I knew it, however, I found myself running again. I hit the one mile mark at 12:40, about three or four minutes better than my walking pace. I kept going back and forth, walking and running, for the rest of the race and ran, not shuffled, across the finish line about 40 minutes after I started.

Once I caught my breath and grabbed some water and a banana, I wandered over to the leader board where I discovered that I finished in 404th place. I'm not sure how many participants finished the race, but I heard it was close to 450. In any event, I'm quite happy with my finish. I did more than I set out to do and didn't kill myself in the process. What more could an out of shape 48 year old guy ask for? Besides oxygen, I mean.

[Update: The official results have been posted and I finished 404th out of 422 runners (33rd of 34 in my division), with an official time of 40:42. ]

Will it be what I needed to get back on track? I honestly don't know, but it certainly didn't hurt. Well, except for those muscles that have been out of practice. And I'm not ruling out trying another 5K sometime. Maybe even sometime soon. We'll see.

For now, there are some other habits I want to jump start, including more frequent writing right here. Stick around, it should be fun!


Kathy said...

Hats off to you, Skinny! I'm proud to know you...what an impressive effort!

skinnybitch said...

Good for you, Skinny Guy!

TB--Milwaukee said...


You have more motivation than I!

john - from fat to fit said...

Congrats! I really want to run a 5k this year myself, but I'm not quite ready for it yet. Once I start running again I will be on the hunt for a race to register for though. Get back out there and find another one!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good on ya. Great to see you went out anyway.

Skinny Guy said...

Thanks, everyone! It was tough, and my legs are as sore as heck today. I can't imagine how bad they'd be if I actually ran the whole way!

There is another 5K coming up on Father's Day that I may be looking into. My son and I walked it last year; I think I'll talk to him about heading out again this year.