Sunday, June 22, 2008

B2BBC: Day 5

(This topic was actually going to come a little later in the series, but after my night last night, I felt it was appropriate.)

Indulgences. Splurges. Treats. Whatever you call them, they are generally seen as ways of "cheating" when you are on a diet. As such, they can be very dangerous things for without too much effort a treat can turn into a binge, which can turn turn disappointment, which can then turn into more binging, which can ultimately result in the end of the diet.

To battle that mindset, plan ahead for any treat or indulgence. Find a way to fit it into your healthy lifestyle. For it's a healthy lifestyle and not a diet that will lead to your ultimate success. Diets, by design, focus on deprivation which can lead to the view that any indulgence is "cheating" or "bad" behavior. A healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, incorporates these little splurges into your mostly healthy eating habits.

The catch, of course, is the frequency of these splurges. If you indulge yourself every day without control then your behavior is more habit than indulgence. Moderation is important if you want to be successful.

Last night my wife and I were at a catered function that we had been invited to a while ago. I enjoyed some good wine, good food and some delicious dessert. I kept my portions in check and focused more on the company at our table than I did on the food and had a great time. Was I perfect? Not at all. I probably had a little more dessert than was called for. But that's what an indulgence is. Today I was back to healthier meals and getting some activity doing some yard work.

A healthy lifestyle implies that you are living well. I say that living well with a healthy lifestyle includes indulging yourself every once in a while.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Aah dessert. My favourite part of the meal. :)

Skinny Guy said...

Ah, yes. The sweet table was very decadent. Had a little more than I should have, but I enjoyed every morsel. Yum!