Saturday, June 7, 2008


Before Sunday's big announcement I decided to work on the site a little bit, modifying the theme a touch, rearranging some of the widgets in the sidebar here and there and updating the list of blogs I link to. And if you subscribe in a reader, you should be able to see links to my email address as well as to StumbleUpon and unless I screwed things up.

When updating the blog list, I decided to highlight some other blogs that I read regularly, including some that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. With over one hundred blogs in my reader, I wanted to share more of my favorite reads with you.

So far, all the changes I've made are working, so I'd better quit while I'm ahead. I also have to get up early to head into work for a little overtime, so it's time to get a little shut-eye.

Until tomorrow, then!