Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Three Elements

In my experience there are three elements that are key to successfully losing weight and maintaining that loss. You can have some limited success concentrating on one or two of the three, but for lasting success all three must be integrated into your plan. The three elements I'm talking about are Mind, Body and Heart.

The Mind: The logical element.
Your mind is the organizer. With it you map out your plan of attack on the weight loss/maintenance battlefield. By thinking things through and obtaining the best information available, you give yourself the best chance for success.

The Body: The physical element.
Not only is your body the object of your weight loss/maintenance efforts, it's probably the biggest weapon in your arsenal. The more your body gets moving, the bigger its contribution to the battle of the bulge.

The Heart: The emotional element.
Your heart, the sum of all your feelings, emotions and beliefs, can be the hardest element to get under control. While all three are connected, the heart often has more influence on your efforts than the other two combined, as any emotional eater can attest.

Together, these elements are a powerful force that can help you achieve your goals. But let any one of them get out of kilter and it can become a major struggle to get back on track.

I don't think I'm done talking about the three elements, but I wanted to put this out there while I was thinking about them.


Andrew is getting fit said...

That makes perfect sense.

TB--Milwaukee said...

It definitely is a mind game!

Glad to see you're back to somewhat regularity, you have a wealth of knowledge to share with the rest of us.