Monday, July 21, 2008

Remembering How To Breathe

I think the universe is in the process of trying to teach me a few things lately. The biggest lessons that have been making themselves known all seem to share a common theme. As I've been slowly absorbing these lessons, the one theme that has emerged is simply to remember how to breathe. Real breaths, slow and deep. Breaths that take time to complete because you can't fill your lungs when you're in a hurry; the kind that start from your toes and end when your lungs feel like a stretched-out balloon.

When you breathe like that, you can't help but slow down. When you slow down, you can't help but start thinking. That is when the universe does its magic, because when you start thinking, you can't help but realize that everything isn't as bad as it seems. Sure, you still have to deal with the stuff that happens in your life, but when you remember how to breathe, you also remember how much more there is to life than the things that you tend to worry about.

Push Up Challenge, Week One, Day One:
Yesterday I started fresh with an initial test of 28 push ups, clearly showing that I held on to some of the conditioning from my previous attempt at the challenge. That started me at column 3, which required 5 sets of 10,10,8,6 and 7+ push ups each. I handled them without a problem and hit reps in the last set.

My next attempt will be Wednesday, so stay tuned.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Good advice on the breathing.

Kathy said...

Maybe now that gas is so high, people will slow down, spend more time at home, and actually take the time to breathe during unscheduled time. It's not my really was slower when I was a kid and adults and kids alike played softball in the front yard using a maple tree as second and the post for the clothesline as third. We took the time to tell family stories over a drawn out meal and there was plenty of time to sigh and take a deep breath after a round of laughter that left you in tears.

new*me said...

i read recently that the right kind of breathing can actually help your metabolism. As a continually stressed out mom of four young kiddos, deep breathing is a must in my craaaaaaazzzzzzzzyy day ;) Have a healthy week!

divamentors said...

WOW 130 pounds and off for a year now?? Good for you! I've just begun a life transformation that includes giving away some of my stored energy. I feel good, but only JUST begun!!

I started to comment on your 'breathe' post but got sidetracked!

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I hope you pop by!
Many Blessings,

Skinny Guy said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. Things are still hectic, but when isn't life hectic, right? I am trying to remember to breathe, though. :)

Shelley, thanks for the invitation to join your community. I'm going to hold off joining for now, but once things calm down a bit for me, I hope that the invitation still stands. Thanks!