Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We Have A Winner!

Today's the big day, where I finally get to select the winner in the Gotta Keep It Off! Birthday Contest. Qualifying entrants submitted a comment on the original contest post here, telling me about their favorite post on this blog so far.

I listed the seven qualifying entries in the order they were posted, then surfed over to random.org to select as random a number as possible. The qualifying entrants, in order, were:

  1. AndrewE, from Andrew Is Getting Fit
  2. Kathy, from Kathy Calculates: Weight Loss
  3. PastaQueen (Jennette), from Half Of Me
  4. John, from John Is Fit
  5. TB, from TB's Journey~
  6. IAAdmin (Lisa), from Iowa Avenue
  7. Robin, from CR - Getting and staying skinny the healthy way

And the winner is...

Number 5! And that is TB, from TB's Journey~. TB selected my first post to the blog, and I've quoted his comment below:
I'll put a vote in for your "First Post"
Without it we wouldn't be having the pleasure of being inspired by you.
Thanks TB! And trust me, I'm inspired by your success as well. Drop me an email (the address is in my profile) with your contact info and I'll start those books on their way!

And thanks to everyone else who entered the contest. I'm happy and fortunate to have such great readers and fellow bloggers visit me here. You're all a great bunch of people!


Andrew is getting fit said...

mumble mumble redraw mumble mumble

Kathy said...

Well...as much as I groveled to try to influence the purely random draw...I couldn't be happier to see that another of my favorite bloggers has won! Congratulations to friend, TB and to you, Skinny, for giving us such a great June! Have a happy 4th!!!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Me a Winner! Hurray!

And a prize that I will treasure.

john - from fat to fit said...

One away!