Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Days And Crazy Nights

I feel as though summer is still ramping up, but all the signs are telling me otherwise. The NFL has started its pre-season, the Back to School sales have begun and most noticeably, the sun has been setting earlier each day. Sadly, this year has been so crazy that I really haven't had a chance to kick back and enjoy as many of the things that I like to do during the summer months.

Right now, Back To School mode is in full swing here in South Jersey. Our nurse-in-training has decided to live at home instead of on campus this year, so we wound up buying another vehicle for her commute. Her brother will be living on campus though, since a round-trip commute of 1000 miles is a little excessive.

Needless to say, a road trip is in store in my very near future. Aside from the certain confusion of trying to move hundreds of freshmen into the dorms on move-in day, it should be a nice diversion. He'll be rooming with one of his buddies from high school, so both families will be making the trip. We also are leaving a little early to allow for a leisurely ride up as well as a little exploring, which will include a night out for dinner in Boston. As long as everything goes smoothly, it should make up for at least some of hectic pace this summer.


I (barely) managed to finish Week Three, Day Three of the Hundred Push Up challenge on Monday and Began Week Four today. Day One of Week Four eases up a little from the last day of Week Three. The required sets included reps of 27, 20, 20, 17, and 27+ push ups. I actually fell comfortable during the entire routine and was able to explode with 41 reps during the last set!

You don't have to worry about me getting cocky, though. I took a peek at weeks Five and Six and honestly, they look like killers! I'll be lucky if I only have to repeat half of the days. In the mean time, I feel good about my progress so far, so I'll take it.


skinnybitch said...

Hey Skinny!

Sounds like you'll be in my neck of the woods. I live in Brookline, which is literally just down the street from Boston. Which college/university will your son be attending?


Kathy said...

Ah...I remember taking the trip to college town with all the paraphernalia a teenage girl can not live without! And how I cried when I looked at her empty room at home! Well...that lasted for about as long as it took me to realize I had an empty room! lol
Enjoy the trip and for Pete's sake, slow down a little Skinny! You're sounding a little Type A here lately!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Those push ups got the best of me. I have put off week 3 long enough that I probably should start with week 1 again.

Skinny Guy said...

Robin, we'll be up in North Andover at Merrimack College, and plan on heading into Beantown on Friday, I think.

Kathy, It would have been very bad this year if our daughter had decided to live on campus again this year. The fact that she's back home has mitigated her Mom's empty nest tears somewhat. But they're coming, I know they are...

TB, I had a false start of my own with the push ups as well. Just like anything else, if you really want to do it you just need to get in there and do it.

skinnybitch said...

Hi Skinny,

I'd suggest meeting up, but I'm assuming you'll be here Labor Day weekend, and we'll be down on the cape then. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.


Skinny Guy said...

Robin, we'll actually be in town this coming weekend, but I suspect we'll be pretty busy while we're up there. But we'll be going back and forth over the next four years, so feel free to drop me an email (in my profile) so I can keep you posted about when we'll be in town.