Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The New England Shuffle

The school year unofficially starts tomorrow as our family begins the road trip up to Massachusetts to drop Offspring #2 off at college. I'll be happy because he graciously volunteered to drive the first leg of the trip, allowing me to settle in with a nice hot cup of coffee and a brand new book that I picked up yesterday.

We'll have a little bit of time to squeeze in some exploring in between the last minute shopping, making sure all the financial aid is straightened out, and the big move in on Saturday morning. By the time we leave for home on Sunday, Mom will have shed a tear or two as her baby leaves the nest, even if it is only temporary for now.

I think the highlight of the year for me will be the retirement of the Mom & Dad Taxi and Limousine Service. It served its clientèle well over the years, but its customer base either moved out of the service area or found other modes of transportation. Not to worry though. Business at The First National Bank of Mom and Dad is still going strong, especially with the new branch opening up in Massachusetts.

Oh yeah, before I forget - I also did some push ups this week. On Monday I repeated Day One of Week Four with the exact same results as the first time: sets of 27, 20, 20, 17 and 41 reps. Today I knocked out Day Two with sets of 27, 21, 21, 18 and 30 (25 min.). I'm hoping to be able to complete Week Four while I'm on the road. I'll let you know how it went the next time I check in.


Kathy said...

Classic Skinny Guy! You are so funny! We felt we had finally closed the Mom and Dad Bank when our girls started "treating" us to a meal out on occasion...we are still a little taken aback when we can leave our wallets closed at the end of a meal!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Very funny--great post. :D

PastaQueen said...

Sorry this is not related to your post, but I couldn't find you contact information on your blog. Thank you so much for linking to my site from you blog. I appreciate the link love. Could I ask a small favor though? Two weeks ago I changed the name of the blog from "Half of Me" to "PastaQueen". Could you update your link to reflect this change? I'd be very grateful. Thanks!

Congrats on your push-ups. I can only do half-push-ups girly style.