Saturday, October 4, 2008

How To Refocus Your Weight Loss Efforts

Even before my last weigh in, it was obvious to me that I needed to get back to all those healthy habits I had recently abandoned. As I'm sure most of you know, regaining that discipline can be a daunting proposition. The steps I list below are the ones that I'm using to get back to where I need to be, and I think they can help you as well.

Stop - The first rule to follow should you find that you're digging yourself into a deep hole is to stop digging! If you don't put it in your mouth, it can't show up on the scale. There's no waiting for tomorrow or next week either; put the fork down and back away from the table!

Let Go - Believe it or not, you're only human. Beating yourself up about those cookies last night or that extra serving at Mom's or even the fast food breakfast you've had every day for the last two weeks is a no-win game. Guilt is a destructive thing; you deserve better, especially from yourself!

Review - Everyone has had some measure of success at some point in their life. Take a look at your successes. It doesn't matter whether they're related to weight loss. Remember how you felt and the attitude you had when you achieved them. You did it before and you can do it again, no matter what the situation is.

Apply - It's not enough to just review those successes. You need to take action. It doesn't matter what you do or even how much you do, as long as you're taking steps in a positive direction. Whether it's one less snack a day, a daily walk after dinner or just keeping a food journal, the key is to start doing something.

Build - Every small success you have when trying to get back into the groove is an important part of reaching your goal. In your efforts to build a new, healthier you, those small successes are like bricks. Use them to build a strong foundation and before you know it you will be back in control and wondering what all the fuss was about!

I hope these steps give you the push that you need to get back on track. I know they've got me off too a good start!