Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Goal #2: Build Some Muscle

[It is traditional for nearly everyone to make resolutions or set goals for the new year. Over these next few posts, I will be discussing my top goals for 2009.]

At the end of yesterday's post I said that this post would be about losing the fat. I've decided to rethink the order in which I'm posting my goals, so today I'm going to talk about another goal instead, that of building muscle.

When I lost 130 pounds, I did it mostly by counting calories (points) on WeightWatchers with some cardio work thrown in for good measure. The cardio training consisted mostly of walking and I didn't do any strength training at all.

While I will always be grateful to WeightWatchers for providing me with a program that I was able to follow and use to transform my health, I've done a lot of reading and studying since then. Now I realize that if I had included strength training in my regimen, I could have added more fat-burning lean body mass to my frame instead of almost certainly losing the lean body mass that I did by not doing any strength training.*

By beginning some sort of strength training now, I'll be able to build up some of that fat-burning muscle that will help me improve my fitness and maintain my body fat percentage at a level that is appropriate.

I haven't settled on an exact strength training plan yet, but more than likely it will be something I can ease into, most likely with body weight routines. Maybe I'll even start off by actually completing the Hundred Push Up Challenge that I started twice last year.

*To be fair to WeightWatchers, they do mention the importance of exercise, mostly cardio, in their materials. Any lack of exercise of any type during my weight loss was strictly my (lack of) doing.

Tomorrow: Goal #3: Eating Well

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